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Quickbooks & Xero Conversions.

Red Bench makes the transitions easy

Converting your system from paper and spreadsheets to a digital masterpiece is our forte! We handle all aspects of Quickbooks and Xero conversion for your business needs. From account set-up to customization, we thrive on making your business something that can be easily accessed and managed from any mobile device.

Why Are We The Best?

We strive to provide clients with top-of-the-line bookkeeping services from any location, at any time of the day. We ensure the highest level of excellence in all aspects of your bookkeeping and tax needs. We optimize business performance by providing our customers with one-on-one assistance available 24/7 and from any mobile device. We devote ourselves to your business in a personal and convenient way.

We help our clients grow their business by partnering with them to simplify their business portfolio. We want to become the “go to” place for bookkeeping and tax needs by providing the ease of fast and easy communication and immediate assistance. We partner with people to ease their stress, and to give them peace in knowing that their interests are being cared for by a team that is truly passionate about their business and their needs.

We promise to help with all aspects of your bookkeeping needs. We walk alongside you on your financial journey and simplify your business by helping you work smarter and faster. We promise to provide you with more value than anyone else and to ensure that you have access to us around the clock.

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Gather files for Xero Conversion

Gather Files

It’s easy to bring your data from paper files or receipts or your desktop computer to Xero and QBO and vise versa. We start the process by helping you have the right tools to upload or email your files directly to us.


Upload files

Upload Data

In one easy step we can assist you with uploading your data to a Xero or QBO software system. Our software does all the work with its simple, stress free process.


Xero Conversion at Red Bench

Wait for Transfer

With a little time and a lot of ease, we streamlines the process of transferring your files. We will be right there to walk you through it and ensure your files transfer seamlessly to your new bookkeeping system.


Learn Xero Cloud Accounting with Red Bench

Learn the Cloud

Lastly, we work with you to educate you on your new software. Because Xero is on the cloud the benefits are endless. We can easily screen share with you to help with the learning process. We show you how to access your business from any device at any time.


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The Red Bench can help modernize your bookkeeping functions.

From pen and paper to digital convenience we can make it happen!

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