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Bookkeeping Services.

Bookkeeping Made Simple

Using Xero, we can simplify all aspects of your business. From old fashioned ledgers and paper trails, to modern cloud based data, the technology is a dream. We want to make your business work smarter and faster. Working with Xero means working in the cloud, which gives you instant access to your business.

Why Are We The Best?

We strive to provide clients with top-of-the-line bookkeeping services from any location, at any time of the day. We ensure the highest level of excellence in all aspects of your bookkeeping and tax needs. We optimize business performance by providing our customers with one-on-one assistance available 24/7 and from any mobile device. We devote ourselves to your business in a personal and convenient way.

We help our clients grow their business by partnering with them to simplify their business portfolio. We want to become the “go to” place for bookkeeping and tax needs by providing the ease of fast and easy communication and immediate assistance. We partner with people to ease their stress, and to give them peace in knowing that their interests are being cared for by a team that is truly passionate about their business and their needs.

We promise to help with all aspects of your bookkeeping needs. We walk alongside you on your financial journey and simplify your business by helping you work smarter and faster. We promise to provide you with more value than anyone else and to ensure that you have access to us around the clock.

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Bank Reconciliation at the Red Bench

Bank Reconciliation

Ensure the reliability of your financial records by having us reconcile for you. We handle the most important task related to accounting. This process will help eliminate errors and ensure accuracy.


Budget Creation at the Red Bench

Budget Creation

Creating a budget doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We make it a fun and eye-opening experience by teaching you more about your business, and what you can do to reach your goals.


Accounts Payable at the Red Bench

Accounts Payable

The Red Bench can process vendor bills, manage vendor balances, and review monthly statements. We’ll also handle paying the bills and setting up vendor accounts.


Invoicing at the Red Bench


We can help you create customized and classy invoices for your customers to see, while also ensuring the accurate recording of all records. We handle accounts payable and receivable.


Online Payment Services at the Red Bench

Online Payment Services

We can set your business up to make and receive online payments in a convenient fashion. Getting you up to date with modern technology is our goal.


Financial Statements at the Red Bench

Financial Statements

We work to make your business look outstanding to anyone who comes your way. We can create financial statements to help project a future that is clear and concise.


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The Red Bench can help modernize your bookkeeping functions.

From pen and paper to digital convenience we can make it happen!

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